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About Lonely Tentacle Productions

Lonely Tentacle Productions is a Mother - Daughter studio based out of Baltimore, Maryland that produces stickers, prints, jewelry, keepsakes, ornaments, and plushies crafted by traditional and mixed media art in Anime and Fantasy Styles.

Founded in 2009 as a favor to a friend at a local college that was in charge of an artist alley, the duo started taking their hobby and turning it into something that could be displayed at events.  Over a decade later, they have numerous events in their history, a successful social media page, and have forged many meaningful friendships and connections through the Convention and Festivals Circuit.  When you have Lonely Tentacle Productions at your events you have a respectful, organized, friendly and kind group of artists that are neighborly and responsible.  When you are a Lonely Tentacle customer you are a gift to us and we hope that our art brings you as much happiness as we placed in its creation.

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